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Nathan Daniel Novack is a native to Western Kansas.  He has been producing artwork for the past 23 years. He has observed many artists through his college experiences, classmates, and professors.  After receiving his associates degree at Garden City Community College, he attended Kansas University where he studied graphic design then transitioned into art education.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts and Bachelors of Science in Education from Fort Hays State University.  Nathan has been teaching high school and middle school art for the past 14 years.  Here, he has learned just as much from his students as they have learned from him.  He is intrigued by the untapped talents and minds of the students when creating art.  Believing there is art for everyone, whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, Nathan enjoys observing student’s development into the realization of their gifts; this generates an ongoing need for art, no matter what their prior skills or experiences have been.  

Artist Statement

    Traditionally I will use brushwork as my primary technique, but strive to challenge other applications.  I enjoy creating a wide range of texture, with the contrasting effects of traditional brushwork that has true aesthetics of tactile art.  The balance and position of these two methods continue to drive me to create realistically and abstractly.  I use each style seeking the freshness of exploration from one project to another.   In many cases, themes and series are more about randomness.  The uniqueness of humans in a particular time and place can capture so many emotions.  We can get caught up posing for a camera shot of a fake expression in that moment.  Being able to capture natural emotion and to connect it to who they are has been a direction of exploration,  in turn leaving interactive questions about the portrait image.  

The geometrical contrivances of man juxtaposed against the natural colors and forms of nature create images that are both inspirational and compelling.  The many colors of the day and seasons sets the mood within the landscape.  Recognizing the application of different techniques in each piece of art, contribute to the purpose of elements and principles. Observing the proximity of details and color combinations of my surroundings continue to develop me aesthetically.  Capturing the Midwestern region offers so many lifestyles of countryside within their structures and people.  

Seeking and dissecting other artists' work for inspiration of style and technique is motivation to my vision of productivity.  Connecting these perceptions and observations to the surface opens up to the viewers of what I experience and how I’m blessed.


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