D.S. Kim




D.S. Kim was born on August 15, 1961.  His grandfather was an art professor at a local university.  While in middle school, his art teacher noticed his talent in art and recommended further training.  At that time he began experimenting with pastels and watercolors.

After further art studies, Kim graduated from Pusan Art High School.  In 1983, Kim received a degree from the Dong A. University of Art.  Shortly after, he became an art instructor for the Art Institute in Korea, where he taught for three years.  In 1986, Kim exhibited in Seoul Gallery as a member of the Seoul International Artists Association.  In 1987, he painted abroad in the Artist Exchange Program for Korea, Japan and China.

In 1988, Kim traveled through Europe for study and development in his sketches and paintings.  He resided in Paris and the south of France until 1990 where he participated in art exhibitions at The Avignon Gallery and Vincent Gallery.  In 1991, he was selected to attend “The Great Art Exhibition” for the Korean Government.

In 1993, Kim exhibited as a member of a realistic and modern art group in the Seoul Realistic Art Exhibit.  Since early 1997, he has traveled throughout the United States, further developing his style, and creating sketches and paintings.

Kim has won numerous competitions and his work is found in corporate and private collections, including the President’s office of Yea Won Publishing Company, in the office of the District Attorney Myung Soo Lim and the Office of Congressman Bu Young Lee.


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